Imagine a world filled with people who see you beyond the first impression. An accepting world where people of every race and nationality can live in harmony sharing unconditional love, with no judgment regardless of skin color, nationality, size, love preference, or opinions. It can happen, but it’s going to take all of us to get there. No Judgment. Just Love.™ , is all about reminding people to look past our own judgments, and place ourselves in the shoes of everyone we come in contact with and to show an expression of love, compassion and empathy above all else.

We’re Human

Let’s face it, we all make judgments, because we’re human. As a society, we see the homeless as outcasts and we place the elderly on a shelf discarded. Parents judge their children for not doing things or living the way they want them to. Siblings judge each other because they feel others are favored or spoiled. We tend to judge those we disagree with; who might not be the same religion as we are or have the same belief systems that we do. Sitting at a stop light, we judge the person next to us in traffic because they have a loud stereo or even a tattoo.

No Judgment

No Judgment. Just Love.™ boils down to the fact that even, we, judge ourselves such as when we end up late unexpectedly or when we’re not able to get everything done on our to do list in one day. We’re extremely critical and judge ourselves when we look in the mirror or see ourselves in a photograph. The main thing we have to remember is that EVERY person (including ourselves) is a child of our universe and deserves love without judgment.


The No Judgment. Just Love.™ charm is inspiration wrapped in a simple message. It’s a heart-felt, positive reminder that our mission is to extend unconditional love to everyone, seeing through to their hearts, without judgment. Something special happens the second the charm is placed in someone’s hands. Faces immediately light up, smiles start to shine and hardened hearts are softened. We often hear a sigh when someone reads the words as their thumb rubs across the polished silver heart. One can literally witness the power that these first few seconds bring. It’s as if it touches the core and true essence of who we are as people. Its human nature to want to love and care about one another, empathize with each other and allow grace in times when it’s needed the most. Our No Judgment. Just Love.™ charm does exactly that! When worn it allows the reminder to be constant, in a world where the one thing we can count on is change.

Motivate Change

The beautiful, pewter, No Judgment. Just Love.™ charm motivates change in ways unexpected. It’s already strengthened families and inspired healthy interactions for people to live in harmony across the globe. It’s as if all their negative judgments are extinguished by the message it carries. For some to love and let go of judgment is not an easy transition, for others it takes little work. One thing is guaranteed, when adorned with your beautiful No Judgment. Just Love.™ charm you’ll be infused with something so amazingly positive, you’ll feel it reach into a corner of your very own heart. If you’re not a believer yet, read our Changing Lives section of this website. It’s powerful. We’ve only begun and the stories keep flooding in.

Join Us

Take the challenge to move from negative to positive. Purchase your charm today and let’s see each other through the eyes of love.